Be gently guided to breathe healing light into energetic pathways and points of your body while resting comfortably and bathing in the harmonics of crystal and metal singing bowls, bells and gongs.


A Healing Sound & Qi Bath offers a unique experience by deepening self-awareness and inner peace, creating harmony and balance and reminding us of our natural wholeness within.


Sound Baths are available for yoga studios, community centers and private events. Please use the Contact Form for bookings and inquiries.


THE HEART CENTER: Simply listen to the sounds of the bowls, bells and gongs as you rest deeply in your heart center, a place of true peace and inner wisdom.


GROUNDING INTO EARTH & SKY: Increases our sense of connection and universal support by sending our exhale deep into both the earth and the sky and inhaling their healing energies into our body.


CHAKRA ATTUNEMENT: Promotes harmony, vitality and openness in the seven major chakras by breathing energy and color within each one, from root to crown.

CHAKRA SPIRAL: Promotes a balanced flow of the seven major chakras by breathing through them one at a time in a spiral pattern, which also opens the energy field surrounding the body, creating a unique healing space that encourages expanded awareness.

MERIDIAN MASSAGE: Smooths the flow of energy in our meridian system, which balances the five elements and creates a feeling of wholeness, encouraging communication of our entire body as one.

BODY BALANCE: Connects each part of our body through gentle breath and body awareness, experiencing it all as one system of energy.

THE HEALING SMILE: Brings a feeling of self healing through forming a gentle smile on our face that fills every cell of our body and beyond.

YOGA NIDRA: Guides us gently through conscious breath work into the place right before sleep and into a state of surrender, where true healing can occur.


MICROCOSMIC ORBIT: Creates peace and the balance of yin and yang within our body by breathing through the two most potent meridians of our energy system.

TEN BREATHS TO HEAVEN: Opens us to a transcendent state of consciousness by breathing through a sacred pathway, connecting and flowing energy through all of our major and minor meridians.



My name is Satya Dubay and I am a Sound & Qi/Prana Health Practitioner in Louisville, CO.  Over the course of ten years, I completed the Qigong Healing Program at The Center Place Qigong School in Boulder, CO in 2005, with over 1200 hours of training in the medical application and instruction of Qigong, the Chinese practice of energy cultivation. I have since trained in other modalities with teachers and healers from the traditions of Yoga Nidra, Sound and Music Therapy and Taoist Medicine. I offer private Sound & Qi Healing Sessions and Healing Sound Baths in Boulder, Colorado and surrounding areas.

My personal journey with this practice has led me to a deepening into the 'Beingness' which lives within and through us; and I enjoy supporting others in discovering this Beingness within themselves and to ever more deeply trust its innate wisdom.

“Everyone needs this!”

— Sarah, Boulder, CO

“It's difficult to find words to describe my experience during Satya's sound bath. Language is limiting to the profound nature of what occurred.”

— Jeff, Denver, CO

“This sound bath was both grounding and expansive. It brought me in a very sacred space that I am now able to access more easily.”

— Judith, Longmont, CO

“When Satya creates music on her bowls I am transported to the Himalayas and am with monks, resonating with heavenly music. The experience connects with a part of me that is timeless.”

— Phyllis, Boulder, CO