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Hello, I'm Satya Dubay, Qi & Sound Health Practitioner, located in the Front Range of Colorado. If you are ready to deepen into your own healing and discover inner peace, you’ll find valuable support here. Many of the healing techniques that I use in my work are thousands of years old, from ancient traditions, passed down over time from one teacher to the next. I use them daily during my energy cultivation practice, and with people who I work with. I am grateful to have access to their power because they are profound allies for true healing and awakening.

I began my study of Energy Medicine over twenty-five years ago, and have learned from several wonderful teachers and masters. In 2005, I completed the 1200-hour Clinical Qigong Training with Damaris Jarboux at The Qigong School in Boulder, which included the medical application and instruction of Qigong, the Chinese practice of energy cultivation, as well as various healing techniques, including Therapeutic Touch, Chakra Healing and Soul Retrieval.

From there, I went on to train in other modalities with teachers and healers from the traditions of Yoga Nidra, Sound and Music Therapy and Taoist Medicine. I offer these techniques within Qi & Sound Therapy Sessions and Sound Baths.

I am often in awe of how my healing path unfolded. I grew up in a small town in Maine and was always drawn to nature - especially the ocean. My favorite way to find peace was to drive down to the tip of the island I lived on and sit on the granite rocks, listening to the rhythm of the waves splashing against them. This soothed me, and it gave me a sense that, although I may not always know why things happen, everything has its way.

These moments of peace led me to want to dive deeper into the mysteries of life, to find the real meaning of it all, and what we're doing here. I had my share of pain growing up, and because of that, I longed to understand the purpose. I felt that my pain could reveal something more, such as a silver lining waiting to be revealed. But I wondered, how do I move through the pain i have within me in a healthy way?

In 1994 at the age of 21, I was strongly pulled west from the coast of Maine to the mountains of Colorado. I was ready to expand into the unknown and to try to answer this question. I knew that it was time to find a teacher who could show me how to first heal myself, and if that occurred, how to support others in their healing. The sojourn that summer lead me to many places, with many exciting and challenging experiences. Ultimately, I landed at a small campground at 8,000 feet above sea level, just west of Nederland, Colorado. I pitched my tent and felt like I had arrived at a special destination.


I rested for a few weeks, and later that summer I settled into a home in Nederland, which was a twenty minute drive up the canyon from Boulder. I enjoyed the crisp air and quiet surroundings that the high elevation offered. I felt like I was able to rest and begin my healing journey. I soon found my teacher, Damaris, at The Qigong School in Boulder. Finding her and signing up for her 5 Year Clinical Qigong Program set me on a profound healing path that continues to this day. Cultivating energy and the deepening of our spiritual essence has no end. There is always more to realize and embody.


Through this amazing journey, I have found an inner peace and a deeper meaning to life and its experiences. My highest joy is to share what I have discovered with others. I would love to work with you, either in person or through Zoom, to help release what may be in your way of feeling peaceful and present in your life, no matter what is occurring. I have witnessed profound shifts with people who I work with. Let's work together to bring this experience into your daily life! Please Contact Me to take the first step.

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