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Allow the harmonic sounds of Crystal Bowls, Metal Bowls, Gentle Bells and an Earth Gong to resonate your being as you rest deeply in your heart center, a place of true peace, healing and inner wisdom.


This unique experience is felt in the body, as resonant sound waves move through the air and bathe us. This creates a noticeable vibration within, which can loosen stagnant energy and allow us to feel light, expansive, and rejuvenated. A Sound Bath gently reminds us of our wholeness within.


I offer Sound Baths at yoga studios, community centers, and at private events, such as at private retreats, birthday parties, baby and bridal showers, and company wellness events. I also offer a Graceful Passage Sound Bath for beings and their families during their life transition, which creates a peaceful and healing experience during the sacred, yet often difficult time.


Please use the Contact Page to connect with me about a private Sound Bath or schedule one Here.

No upcoming events at the moment

“Everyone needs this!”

~ Sarah, Therapist

“It's difficult to find words to describe my experience during Satya's Sound Bath. Language is limiting to the profound nature of what occurred.”

~ Jeff, World Traveler

“This Sound Bath was both grounding and expansive. It brought me into a very sacred space that I am now able to access more easily.”

~ Judith, School Teacher

“When Satya creates music on her bowls I am transported to the Himalayas and am with monks, resonating with heavenly music. The experience connects with a part of me that is timeless.”

~ Phyllis, Qigong Healer

"It feels like 10 years of exhaustion was washed away."

~ Nicole,Yoga Instructor

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