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Are you ready to activate your healing gifts or take them to the next level?


Often, we aren't able to access our abilities because we have energetic blockages that are keeping our frequency lower than needed in order to do our unique work. Allow me to assist you in opening your energetic channels so that the universal light can flow and shine through you! From this state, you'll have what you need to access your creativity and magic. Using several healing techniques (explained below), including Chakra Attunement, Trauma Release, Soul Retrieval, and the very rare Taoist Medicine, in a gentle, remote healing process, we will activate your Whole Self and the work you were born to do.

A session includes a brief phone check-in (about 10 minutes), followed by about 60 minutes of remote energy work (you are lying quietly in your place as I work on your energy body from my place). We will reconnect for another call once the energy work is complete to discuss findings and how to process what shifted for you


 I highly recommend at least two sessions within a month to make sure that the lifeforce is flowing, and the energy body is open and holding the new frequency well. I do have clients who return monthly or seasonally, which can be of great benefit in keeping the energy flowing and aligned, especially if you are working with your own clients in a wellness practice.

The fee for an individual session is $150. Two sessions can be purchased as a package for $250 before the first session.

To contact me with questions and to set up a remote session, please send a message through the Contact Page.


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