I create personalized Vibrational Essence Blends, chosen from over 80 flower, gem, and animal vibrational essences. Essences are known for their profound healing ability because they are the imprint of the unique vibration of the flower, gem or animal. The subtle body, which has its own unique vibration, accepts these vibrational imprints quite easily, and makes shifts quite quickly.

Working on this level of our being, mental, emotional, and spiritual imbalances that are causing suffering in life can quite easily and profoundly come back into alignment. Sometimes this change is felt immediately in one profound moment, and at other times it can have more of a shedding process over the few weeks the essence is being used. You will most likely feel emotional as some point, yet from that will have a deeper clarity of your experience and what's needed.


Using your full name, and intention, I tune into your unique vibration and muscle test for the perfect Essence Blend for you in that moment. No two Essence Formulas are alike, since we are all unique, and we are going through different experiences in each moment. Most formulas contain 10-15 essences, yet this can vary.


You will receive your Essence Blend as a Glass Bottle Spritzer with Rose Water added to include the healing properties of Rose, which is said to have the highest vibration on the planet. Other ingredients include spring water and a few drops of each essence from the "mother" essence bottle (which contains a small amount of brandy for preservation). Please do not drink the Essence - it is created as a topical application only.


Each day, for 3-4 weeks you will spray the spritzer a foot above your head, showering the essence over your auric body, which will make its way into the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual levels of your Being. Once the process feels complete, take some time to process this healing journey. Notice the shifts that have occurred. You may want to journal the whole process to notice the subtle changes taking place. As a side note, you may find that you start to forget to use the Essence towards the end of the process, which often means that it has done its work and is no longer needed and you can stop using it. If you donprefer to keep using it when you do remember, there is no harm in this.


You are very welcome to order a new Essence at anytime. Some people like to have a new one each month and others often find that one Essence gives them what they need for the time being. Trust your inner knowing on when a new Essence would be helpful. I am also happy to muscle test for you to determine when the next one would be beneficial.


*Please enter your full name and an intention for your Essence, which is what you'd like it to help you with. Start with "My Essence will" - and continue with your intention.


Some examples are:

My Essence will support me finding contentment with my job.

My Essence will give me the support and strength to heal.

My Essence will support me finding ways to be more abundant.

My Essence will support me opening to a new relationship.


The intention can be as general or as specific as you want it to be. I will use this information during the creation of the essence, which is a meditative process involving lots of vibrational helpers who like very clear intentions. :)


I have made Essence Blends for myself for many years, and each one offers a unique journey - I am often in awe of the healing that occurs. I really love making them for others as well, which I have done throughout my healing practice with those who resonate. I really look forward to making your Essence!

To read about my personal introduction and healing experience with Essences, Visit the Insights Page and click on "My Personal Essence Experience."