My Personal Essence Experience

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

I was introduced to Flower Essences during my training at The Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies in 1999, where I studied Herbal Medicine. One evening, a favorite teacher of mine held a Flower Essence Class to teach us about essences and how to make our own. From then on, I was hooked on the healing capabilities of Essences. The Essence that I made profoundly changed my life - I felt the healing from it right away, and on a deep soul and spirit level. This experience opened me up to a new and exciting dimension of herbal medicine that I was amazed existed.

The basis of Flower Essence philosophy is that everything in nature, including us, has a unique, energetic vibration. When we infuse this vibration into water, we capture it and can then take in the essence to affect our well-being. Because an essence holds a subtle vibration, it easily penetrates into our own vibration, and can make subtle, yet profound, healing shifts that affect us deeply.

After making and using my first Essence, I began seeking out as much information as I could about Flower Essences. I read books about them, and I started experimenting with different ones, mainly from Bach Essences, as well as from other great brands. I wanted to see what I experienced using different essences. I was never disappointed - each one had a different feel and quality, and gave me a gift of healing on some level. Sometimes I would simply feel more calm, and able to handle what was happening in my life. At other times, the Essences felt like lifesavers while I was going through various difficulties.

One profound moment stands out among all of them, though, which I remember like it was yesterday. It made me a true believer of Essences, with no doubt remaining. I was in my twenties, and I had one of those days in which my whole world felt like it was falling apart. It had to do with a personal conflict with someone important to me, and it shook me to my core. At the time I was working with a Flower Essence Practitioner in my area who made her own Essences, taught classes on how to use them, and offered healing sessions, which included Essence Formulas (a combination of several Essences created for my specific healing).

This traumatic day happened to be on a Sunday, so I knew I wasn’t going to be able to see her that day, but I decided to call her and see if she’s meet with me the next day to make me a new Essence Formula. She was extremely supportive on the phone and told me she would be happy to see me on Monday. While we were finishing the call and saying our goodbyes, she paused, and said that she could tell I was really suffering, and she wanted to help me in that moment. She told me she would make the Essence Formula right after we hung up, and that she’d “send” it to me etherically, using an energetic butterfly to deliver it into my subtle body. At first I was very skeptical, as I’d never heard of such a thing, yet she explained that she’d done this for others with success, so I found myself open and intrigued by the idea.

She told me to sit quietly for about half an hour and that I’d feel the delivery from the butterfly at some point during that time. I agreed, and as soon as we were off the phone, I settled into a quiet space to receive the Essence. About 20 minutes in, I felt something I’ve never felt before - or since - it literally felt like butterfly wings fluttering above me, downloading this essence of love and light into my Being. My whole body shivered as I felt the Essence flow in like a river of light. It’s hard to describe in words, yet I had a profound physical sensation, similar to having goosebumps, yet it was more energetic. I immediately felt relief and support from the Essence Formula, and I felt unconditional love. After this experience, I was able to find a place of peace within myself for the rest of the evening, and the following day I received the Essence Formula in physical form. Yet, deep down I knew that it had already done its magic the night before.

I felt very blessed to have had that experience, and I feel equally blessed to offer others such a profound form of healing. If you feel called to this type of energetic healing, do not hesitate. It truly is a gift from Nature that is a profound support for us to tap into our unlimited potential as spiritual beings. Nature knows who we are, it reflects this to us all of the time, and it tries in so many ways to remind us of this truth, in a gentle, loving way. Nature is waiting for us to say Yes!

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