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Take a Moment

We are all so busy now. Life is fast-paced and difficult to keep up with. At the end of the day, we often feel like we've been in a race all day, and collapsing on the couch is our norm. Yet, if we take our time with each task, even if there are a lot of them, we can stay in our center and be more productive in our actions. Things get done more effectively when we are fully engaged and not thinking about the next thing on our list.

Starting our day in a patient way can set the tone for the hours ahead. Having even thirty minutes to ourselves before we start our tasks can make a world of difference. We can simply sit up in bed and notice our breath. We can close our eyes and notice our hearts, and what our inner wisdom is saying to us. We can read a few pages of an inspirational book, or gently stretch our bodies with a yoga video.

Whatever feels nurturing to you, give yourself a few extra minutes before the rush begins to honor your own time and space. You will feel the reverberation of this attention throughout the day. Others may feel also more calm around you, as your calmness expands outward. Take the time to watch that sunrise, noticing that the sun doesn't rush, and still lights up the whole world.

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