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This is Your Way

The entire world is deeply suffering right now. We can say that this has been true throughout history, as Earth has such a polarity of light and dark, yet right now the air is potent with a collective grief that I haven't been alive to experience before. It feels like a thick cloud that is hard to move through and it is difficult to think clearly.

This is a unique moment in time, as most of us are feeling this grief, at least on some level. We usually want to push these heavier emotions away, yet what if we didn't right now? What if we simply felt them as they arose? At a talk with a Buddhist teacher recently, he explained that a life with a lot of suffering is actually desired within Buddhism because they believe that the more suffering that we experience, the better chance we have to awaken. Similarly, I have heard it said by many teachers that it's often in our darkest moments that we can break free of who we think we are and discover the eternal Self, and the Love that is underneath it all.

One of my favorite song lyrics is from Snatam Kaur's song "Ong Namo". The lyrics are, "This is Your Way, This is Your Grace." I often sing this song with my harmonium, and usually find myself extending these two lines into a separate mantra in itself. This is Your Way, This is Your Grace. As I sing it, I think of things that are happening in my life, or things that have happened, that have been challenging and upsetting, as well as things that have been beautiful - including both polarities. The beauty is so welcomed, yet it's so powerful when we let in the dark as well. Everything - everything that we experience, everything that we see, everything that arises in our lives is showing us the way to our Heart. Each moment is an opportunity for the Heart to break open, and expand, and become the eternal Heart that is beyond it all. And it's Grace that does it. Grace comes in and gives us what we can somehow handle, and it offers support for us to move through the pain. It doesn't mean that the experiences don't break us - they often do. But a part of us keeps going, keeps breathing, somehow. It's a divine cycle of Grace. Grace is a mystery in its way of knowing how we each can be vulnerable, be exposed, be diminished - how we can suffer. If we change our perspective, it becomes graceful suffering! Let Grace's way break your Heart wide open and let the Light come through. Then... notice what is lost - or found. Notice within your day, the ways in which Grace is calling you Home - calling Itself Home. Self to Self, In Self.

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