Tulsi Sweet Rose Meditation

Updated: Jun 18, 2018

Any activity that we engage in with full presence and focus can be considered a meditation. Think of all the activities that you accomplish in a day, and your state of mind while you do them. Are you fully engaged throughout the process of their completion? Do you find yourself thinking of other things while trying to finish them, such as a conversation that occurred earlier that day, or what you may want to have for dinner later that evening? Thinking of things from the past and future can pull us out of the moment, where true openness and presence lies.

Just as an artist is fully engrossed in the portrait they’re painting, or as a musician is absorbed in the notes of their new song, we can be fully engaged in all our activities. During the process of completing the next task on your to do list, bring your full awareness into it, and see the affect this has on your experience. When we are fully engaged, any activity can transcend the mundane and move into the mystical. Life itself becomes a meditation when we see each moment as an opportunity to be completely rapt in it.

With this concept in mind, we invite you to try our Tulsi Sweet Rose Meditation, which lifts our spirit, activates our senses, and brings us into the precious present moment, as we simply have a cup of tea.

By using this magical herbal combination, you will be lifted to great heights of awareness, peacefulness and nourishment. Tulsi is such a nurturing and sacred herb, with the name translating in Sanskrit to "The Incomparable One". And the roses, handpicked by our farmers in India, allow us to feel the divine support of Mother Nature herself.

To experience the Tulsi Rose Meditation, find a time during the day when you can dedicate at least a half an hour to this ritual, with minimal interruption. Turn off your phone and other electronic devices to give yourself this time to go within. If you want to turn off the device you're reading this blog on, it may be helpful to do a once over now and then do just that! This meditation is all about being fully present with your tea ritual, noticing every moment and part.

Find your way to the kitchen and choose your favorite tea cup from your cabinet. As you move the cup to the counter, notice its color, texture and weight. What words would you use to describe this?

Fill a tea pot with cold water, noticing the clear stream of water flowing into it. Place the tea pot on a heat source, and as the water slowly begins to heat up, notice the various sounds it makes.

Watch the steam coming out of the pot, and notice the patterns in the air that it creates. As the water reaches the temperature to make a whistling sound, or in some way indicates that its ready, notice how this sound touches your ears and fills the room.

Slowly take the Tulsi Sweet Rose tea bag out of the wrapper, and become aware of the initial smell of the herbs. Gently place the tea bag in your cup and pour the hot water over the bag, noticing how the bag responds to receiving the water. Check the time and give the herbs a few minutes to brew, while watching the changes of color and smell taking place. While you’re waiting, take a few deep breaths over the cup, breathing in the aroma of the herbs. Notice what this simple act does to your body, mind and spirit.

Check into your emotional state as you await the completed brewing process. Is there an impatience present? Simply take note of any emotion appearing, with acceptance of where you are at.

When the time has come to ingest the tea, find a sacred place to sit and enjoy it. Relax your body into a posture that feels supportive and comfortable. Take a deep breath to really settle in.

Now, slowly take the cup to your lips, and carefully sip the infusion, taking note of the first sensations that appear. Notice the heat, the texture, the taste. What other aspects are you aware of? Close your eyes as you slowly swallow the Tulsi Sweet Rose. As you continue to drink in this magical brew, send gratitude to the Earth for offering these herbs to you, to the people who planted, watered and harvested them. Give gratitude to yourself, for devoting this time to just be, to sit with the experience.

As you slowly empty your cup, stay absorbed in the experience. Notice what is occurring in each moment. If thoughts arise, notice them, and watch how they come and go while you are sitting, sipping roses. Has your body temperature changed? What is the current rhythm of your inhale and exhale? Can you feel any subtle flows occurring within your body? Stay conscious of various sensations, and how they may be shifting during this process. Do any environmental noises call your attention. Be aware of any insights that arise from this space of openness.

Upon the completion of your tea, stay seated, and become aware of how your body and state of being have responded to this practice. Do you feel different now? What descriptive words come to mind? You may want to take some time to journal about your meditation, or simply reflect internally on this experience for a moment.

When you feel ready, arise and make your way back to the kitchen. Wash and dry your cup, and return it to its place in the cabinet. Again, take a few deep breaths as you move through these actions, and notice any emotions or thoughts that arise as this meditation comes to completion.

Take a final moment to reflect on how you can take this method of conscious awareness into all your daily activities. Perhaps your Tulsi Rose Meditation will continue into your next necessary task, and into each moment of your day.

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