Qi & Sound Healing Session


Our Energy Body, which includes many layers of energetic anatomy, influences our emotions, our thoughts, our physical body, and the way we meet life. This one hour Qi & Sound Session will bring your Energy Body to a vibrant and heightened state, and your Physical Body will vibrate in a very unique way that's only experienced by being bathed in harmonic sound. Within this session, true peace and wellness can be experienced and felt on a tangible level.


To schedule a session, please send me a message through the Contact Page, or call me at 303.882.8111. I will suggest times for our session that you can choose from. Immediate openings are most often available. Process your payment now, or after we set up your session. Credit card and Venmo payments are accepted.


Please see below for specific details about what occurs during the session.

  • Additional Information

    Personal Qi & Sound Sessions either take place at a beautiful yoga studio in Boulder, Colorado, or online through Zoom. To begin the Qi & Sound Session, we will spend some time discussing how best the session can support you and your healing process. From there, you will find a comfortable position laying down and closing your eyes, and I will guide you into a meditative space using breath-work and gentle tones from singing bowls and bells, which will encourage receptivity to the energy work. While you rest internally, I will assess the health of your energetic system and where there are blockages that are keeping the energy from flowing properly.


    The energy anatomy that I'll mainly be working with are the Organ and Extraordinary Meridians and their Points according to Medical Qigong from China, the Chakras according to Ayurveda from India, and the Auric Field, which holds and surrounds your body like a cocoon. I will also work along the spine, accessing congested energy in the Nervous System.


    Once the assessment is complete, I will use various gentle, yet effective, techniques to bring the places that are out of balance into their natural harmonious state of health. These techniques are done using Qi, meaning "healing life force," that I have learned to collect and direct through my hands and fingers.


    Techniques include clearing foreign energy that is present in your system, dissolving energetic scars from past traumas that are lodged within the meridian system, clearing and opening the chakras, flowing, balancing and replenishing Qi in specific energetic points along the meridians, draining stagnant energy and replacing it with healthy energy, and clearing blockages and balancing the nervous system through Taoist Medicine, I will also use sound tools to clear, balance and flow the energy within you.


    Once your energy system has been opened and balanced, we will have some time for you to ground and integrate into your new state of wellness. We will then discuss the findings, insights and ways to integrate the changes that occurred.


    You will not be the same after this experience. I look forward to working with you!

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