Moonlight Song Mala


This one of a kind mystical combination of 108 Howlite, Black Moonstone and Labradorite beads with 1 Kyanite Guru bead enhances your healing journey and sacred mantra or prayer practice. This mala was made for a special Wolf Sanctuary Retreat during Summer Solstice 2019, where I performed a Sound Bath at sunrise in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, and the wolves joined in with their beautiful howling. it was a moment I will never forget, and this mala was filled with that sacred sound.


Please see below for specific properties of this mala and additional information.

  • Mala Properties

    Howlite calms both the nervous system and the energetic system. It aligns and revitalizes the chakras, especially the crown. It brings patience and mindfulness. It aids in focused meditation and communication with one’s higher power.

    Black Moonstone is protective and grounding. It cleanses the subtle energy body and helps to awaken inner visions and insights.

    Labradorite helps expand spiritual awareness and clarity. It bridges the gap between heaven and earth realms in order to manifest one’s dreams into physical reality.

    The Guru Bead is Kyanite, which promotes a sense of happiness and joy in one’s daily life. A smile can make someone’s day, and this stone offers that quality. It calms the nervous system and offers comfort in being natural and true.

    Made by Satya with loving consciousness, and the sound of Om with each tied knot. Comes in an organic cotton drawstring bag for safe keeping.

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